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Conducting electricity. Routing data. Controlling energy.

Discover what drives our company. How we bundle our high-quality products into innovative systems. How our networked solutions create the electrical infrastructure of buildings in all kinds of projects throughout the whole world.

Tradition And Innovation


The core of our success is based on mutual, trusting and committed interaction between employees, suppliers and customers. As the owners, we stand by these connections. It is the benchmark of our activities and should be lived and also required by all employees.

Think connected.

The central key to OBO's success is the consistent, continuous alignment to the specific requirements of our customers. Our aim: products and systems, with which our customers like to work and with which they are also successful.

Our slogan "Think connected" is our clear signal that we define these close connections as a core competence and have anchored it in our company. Only in this way is it possible to react quickly and flexibly to changes in requirements and changing markets.

30,000 products for electrotechnical infrastructure in buildings

Quality And Intelligence

Conducting electricity. Routing data. Controlling energy. Our systems are based on high-quality, intelligent products with the optimum compatibility to their place of application.

Innovative Force

Innovative products and the continuous further development of our systems are the basis for the future success of our company. Our engineers work at this every day. This innovative force is an elementary component part of our company culture and company history.

Partnership: For us living a customer proximity means offering help and advice whenever we are needed

Customer Proximity And Credibility

Friendliness, reliability and competence ensure high levels of acceptance, credibility and on-going partnerships. The basis of these shared values is the continuous alignment of our company to the wishes and requirements of our customers. The close partnership with our customers is paramount for us. We explore new paths for its optimisation.

Help And Advice

We are there when you need us. Have you get any questions about our products? Do you need help with mounting? Do you need planning support for complex projects? Our employees will support you in every phase of your project. No matter where you need our help. The continuous improvement of our support in each phase of co-operations helps us to lay the foundations for a real partnership.

Speed And Reliability

Optimum processes and perfected logistics ensure that OBO products around the world are in the right place at the right time. In the case of large-scale projects, we can offer comprehensive support: from planning through to mounting.

Local around the world: 3,000 employees. Over 60 countries. 40 subsidiaries.

The values of our company are supported by continuous proximity to our customers. For us, customer proximity means: whenever borders open and new markets are created, we will be there. This regional proximity has proved its worth: OBO is present on every continent - with more than 3,000 employees in over 60 countries.

Production Competence: state-of-the-art production facilities and continuous process optimisation for first-class products

Transparency And Effectiveness

We strive for the greatest possible transparency for our employees and customers. For this, all the targets, processes and data within the company are continually measured, displayed and, if possible, improved. The continuous development and modernisation of our production facilities is the foundation of our success.

Flexibility And Efficiency

We are continuously searching for ways of optimising our production processes. With their own knowledge, each individual OBO employee in the production facility contributes to the development of the company. The high depth of production and level of process automation allow the greatest possible flexibility and efficiency for clear segmentation of the production facilities.

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